Celeb of the month


May 2022
Romain Grosjean has changed cockpits from F1 for the extremely popular US IndyCar race series...
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December 2021
Special Key has won bestseller author and activist Sophie Passmann for ALDI’s entertaining and educating cooking show „A Taste Of…“...
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Simon Licht

November 2021
Many might remember renowned actor Simon Licht for one of his recent roles in the popular German TV series „Traumschiff“ – shot under the endless sun on the Seychelles...
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October 2021
Collaborations between popular rap artists and the leaders in the grocery business are the hottest ticket in marketing...
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September 2021
Special Key has won french surf superstar and Olympic participant Pauline Ado for Ford...
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August 2021
„Frau Bauerfeind faehrt elektrisch“ is the name of the new webisode-series by Škoda...
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Hafþór Júlíus „Thor“ Björnsson

July 2021
What a pleasure it was to work with Game of Thrones superstar Thor, who is a real giant! But daily life of a strongman is not always easy...
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Oli P.

June 2021
Special Key has won Oli for the newest campaign by BBDO for „Too Good To Go“...
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May 2021
It was an honour for Special Key to win long-time brand companion of Audi – Tom Hardy – for the new campaign for the iconic RS e-tron GT...
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April 2021
Who-ever thought that pandemic times don’t allow spectacular (and COVID-safe) car launch events should have a look at this: The Audi Q4 e-tron Celebration of Progress roll-out – highlighted (amoung other celebrity guests) by long jump world champ Malaika Mihambo...
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