Celeb of the month

Walt Disney

January 2019
Very rare personalities have a long-term influence on their business after having passed away...
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Cara Delevingne

December 2018
Even as a child – internationally successful actress/model/influencer Cara Delevingne preferred to play with toy cars instead of cuddling puppets – as she has just told German Press...
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Rem Koolhaas

November 2018
Watch out for the world’s leading architect Rem Koolhaas in the newest edition of BMW’s spectacular #BoldVoices film series...
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October 2018
We are already looking forward to next year’s release of the swinging movie „Ich war noch niemals in New York“...
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Iggy Pop

September 2018
Deutsche Bahn now features one of the coolest celebrity duos currently on the market...
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Daniel Jovanov

August 2018
Driving the prototype of the first all-electric SUV made by Mercedes-Benz, nothing is missing! Except for those petrolheads who still miss the sound of a fueled engine...
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Mark Rober

July 2018
Mark’s film „Lemon Powered Supercar“ is currently all the rage on Youtube...
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Laura Dekker

June 2018
At the young age of 14, Laura Dekker was sailing alone around the globe – the youngest sailor ever having achieved that...
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Stefan Sagmeister

May 2018
For the new BOLD VOICES project by Bayerische Motoren Werke, Special Key has won the Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister...
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April 2018
Special Key has won „the youngest star chef of all times“ for Misereor’s stunning „Micro Meal“ campaign...
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