Celeb of the month

Chris Burkard

December 2017
Surfing means fun. And most of us associate this spectacular sport with sun, sandy beaches and tropical destinations...
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Nico Rosberg

November 2017
Mobility is the overall theme that fascinates current Formula 1 World Champ Nico Rosberg most – as he has recently told Special Key...
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Thomasina Miers

October 2017
The charismatic businesswoman today is one of the most successful gastronomers in Great Britain – with over 40 restaurant outlets all-over the country...
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Gesa Neitzel

September 2017
Kruger National Park became a life changing place for Gesa – a Berlin-based editor...
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Léa Linster

August 2017
Celebrity chefs are still sought after spokespersons for brands linked to lifestyle and savoir vivre...
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Tony Marony

July 2017
The first clients leave the Influencer hype already behind them and book D-Listers for their Youtube campaigns...
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Heidi Klum

June 2017
More and more celebrities like the idea that as many of their fans as possible can buy their products...
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Wotan Wilke Moehring

May 2017
Wotan has a run. His new movie „Happy Burnout“ is quite a hit at nationwide box offices...
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Olivia Newton-John

April 2017
The still stunningly young looking singer and actress has one thing, what she enjoys even more than filming or singing: Having an extensive horseride on her ranch near Santa Barbara, California...
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Leo Sayer

March 2017
The world’s leading car rental chain Enterprise celebrates it’s 20th anniversary in Germany with their first multi-channel ad campaign – created by Kolle Rebbe...
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