Simon Licht

Many might remember renowned actor Simon Licht for one of his recent roles in the popular German TV series „Traumschiff“ – shot under the endless sun on the Seychelles. But Simon did not always live on the sunny side of life. In earlier years he suffered from panic attacks and depressive moods. Which made his stage appearances increasingly challenging. Simon however did not hesitate to visit a doctor and got a combi treatment of pharmaceuticals and psychological treatments. After a while his mental health was back in shape. And when Special Key has asked him if he would like to share his personal journey within the new initiative of Janssen #GemeinsamGegenDepression – it was an easy task for Licht to accept. And even if this meaningful campaign has been just recently launched, the first people who have or still do suffer from similar mental problems have already joined Simon and this touching anti depression campaign – created by BBDO.