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Emotional brand building™

SPECIAL KEY - established 2006 in Duesseldorf/Germany and Birmingham/GB - has become one of the leading players in Celebrity Consulting, Artist Liaison Services, Content Marketing, Influencer-driven Promotions, Licensing and Synch. Thus, it is no wonder that many DAX blue chips and ambitious middle class companies ask us when it comes to ad related topics, their agencies might not handle on a daily base as we do. We also work for most of the top agencies since also this branch strongly relies on our mission that simply is: WE OPEN DOORS! Please find an overview on our service portfolio:

Celebrity Consulting

No matter, if you want to book a credible celebrity for your upcoming classic or digital campaign or your high profile event.

We handle everything for you:

  • From screening the perfect performer – national or international cast – incl. evaluation of all relevant image scores.
  • Negotiate the best deal
  • Clear all campaign roll-out details (such as media, term, territories, exclusivities)
  • Get your talent’s OK for the creative, director, DOP & photographer
  • Handle all glam team bookings such as hair and make-up artists, stylists and wardrobe
  • Secure liability and accident insurances
  • When applicable, we handle all double taxation and pension & welfare (SAG/KSA) measures
  • Grant maximum momentum press-wise and concerning brand’s and talent’s social media platforms
  • Coordinate social media campaign flanking (with talent or talent’s Social Media editor)
  • Get approvals for all finished ad steps by your endorsement partner
  • Handle Copyright Control during term

Artist Liaison Services

We take care of perfect planning of your shoot or event. And secure that your talent delivers the contractually fixed services.

 And feels like home – even after long demanding shoot days. Thus, resulting in the best performance your cast is able to deliver.

Our ARTIST LIAISON SERVICES furthermore cover the following useful points:

  • Setting up of call sheets (in close coop with film or photo production.
  • Travel management concerning flights, train rides, ground transportation, logis and airport greeters
  • Catering brief incl. special meal / allergy requests
  • Perks – herewithin we get if applicable medicine
  • We secure that wardrobe, green room, hair & make-up suite or trailers have the right fit – budgetwise and concerning talent’s rider.
  • We book securities
  • Coordinate press (either b-roll, journalists or bloggers visiting the set) incl. clearing of the q & a guidelines and interview slots

Content Marketing

Special Key was proud partner of the very first widely spread content campaign „The Schlaemmer Quest“ for Volkswagen.

It was a milestone and a perfect way of learning how content can become king for our customers. The Quest has won literally every international and natiopnal ad award there is. Since then, back in 2006, many of our clients have relied in our content expertise.


Licensing is becoming more important in recent years. Due the long lenghts formats web campaigns offer.

And the tasks our clients want to get accomplished get more diverse every year. Recently, we have licensed international blockbuster movies for our client Telekom. The challenge in this campaign was that the Telekom presenters „Family Heins“ played the most famous scenes of hit movies like „Back To The Future“, „Basic Instinct“, „The Hangover“ or „Forrest Gump“. The campaign became an instant hit on the internet.

Influencer-driven Promotions

We are in close contact with most leading influencers and can make use of their large circulation audience for our clients.

In March 2016, we have generated over 4 million views within just 4 hours for our social client PINK RIBBON. All based on our influencer network.

Since some of those icons from the web community are surprisingly shy, when it comes to brand coops, we develop – together with the social media / digital agencies of our clients – content that has a more editorial feel and will not result in an overly advertorial output.


We get you the perfect soundtrack for your TV-, Cinema or Radio commercial, your Webmovie or Ringtone.

And we secure that – if a singer is your current testimonial – you get the best imaginable rates for using his or her songs for your ad steps. And if your budget is somehow tighter musicwise, Special Key will supply a broad choice of tracks of up & coming more affordable talents.